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A few of our durable, memorable names:

Bright Source Energy

A renaming of Luz II, an Israeli company.
Utility-scale clean and renewable solar energy provider.
Suggestive of the founder's deep religiosity, solar power, and a smart energy solution for cities.

For Pacific Communications Sciences, Inc.

A family of cellular modems, companion to the Clarity family of hard-wired modems.

Suggestive of cellular, speed, and consistent with a family nomenclature system.


For a start-up company and its flagship product.

Software which automates the Engineering     Change Order system within the industrial  

design process.

Suggestive of consensus building, approvals to proceed, and systemization.

I Am Generess

For Watson Pharmaceuticals.
A cause-related-marketing campaign which donated money to patient-designated women's charities each time an Rx for Generess Fe, an oral contraceptive, was filled.  With Antics Digital Marketing.
Suggestive of generosity and exceptional brand affinity.

For Wavo, Inc., subsequently marketed in a joint venture with Virgin.

Large-file internet downloads effected via television broadcast signal. Targeted to youth accessing music, movies, and games from the web. 

Suggestive of fun, hipness, entertainment, large volume files, and broadcast technology.


For a start-up Australian company and its flagship product, subsequently acquired by Reader’s Digest.

A web browser and pre-categorized internet search engine; name functions as url.

Suggestive of ease of use, time savings, and resonant with the aspirations of the target audience, Internet “Newbies”.


A new company name for a logic and foundry spin-off from Hynix Semiconductor, a Korean manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal ICs for high-volume consumer apps.
Suggestive of a large enterprise, solidity, the semiconductor sector, large capacity, and superlative product.


For Wavo, Inc.

Pre-packaged, XML-format news for the web; name functions as url. 

Suggestive of news in an off-the-shelf package; ease of installation and ease of use.


For a newly acquired company.

Customer-premises-based telephone and communications equipment.

Suggestive of premises, systems, and premier status.


For Meridian Data, subsequently acquired by Quantum.

A new product category: Simple, Network-Attached Peripheral, extensible to a future family line of products, beginning with the SNAP Storage Server.

A “retrofit” acronym, suggestive of ease of installation, ease of use, accessibility, and consumer packaged goods.


For a start-up company.

An infrastructure and organization for internet-based discussion group moderators and individuals seeking category-specific opinion online; name functions as URL.

Suggestive of a range of topics, discussion, organization and discourse.

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