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How We Work

The Naming Process

Our naming process is fast, and it is easy. Generally, it works like this:

Preliminary debriefing meeting

The purpose is to let us understand the opportunity, the company personality, the target audience, any naming requirements, desired attributes to be conveyed, and the competitive set. You'll get a written summary of the input to approve before we move forward.


Brainstorming can be handled in one of two ways, depending on your preference: Nōmena takes the input information and develops a range of name alternatives for your consideration, or, Nōmena leads a collective brainstorming session with your team to develop names collaboratively.

Recommendations and rationale

Nōmena prepares a report detailing all names imagined, with recommendations and rationale as to which seem best suited to the opportunity. Generally, the report includes several “front runners”, “runners up”, as well as the “non-finishers”. All names imagined and considered are included for your reference so that the naming thought process, range, and depth of consideration are evident. A presentation of the recommendations in a consultation session follows.

Name selection

Names, like color preferences, are highly individual, and highly personal. Although we provide recommendations, the final name selection is therefore entirely up to you. All names will be pre-screened for availability by Nōmena, based on a preliminary domain name search. A formal trademark search and trademarking are the responsibility of your company's legal counsel. If desired, Nōmena can assist with research to gauge name preferences with the target audience.

Typical engagements last one to two weeks.


Project Costs

Many companies spend a fortune in time, energy, and dollars on naming initiatives with high-end naming companies.  There is another option: Nōmena Marketing.

Our flat rate for a naming engagement is $8,000.  This includes the initial input session, the brainstorming, the screening for url availability, a report detailing the recommendations and rationale, and a follow-up presentation and consultation.  

Additional services such as researching names with the target audience, or a second pass at names based on evolving requirements, are charged on an hourly basis.  If desirable, not-to-exceed cost parameters can be set for incremental project hours, with check points along the way.   All out of pocket costs, such as for any required travel, are passed through at net. 

50% of the engagement fee is due up front, upon approval of estimate and authorization to proceed. The balance is invoiced upon delivery of the Recommendations and Rationale. Payment is due net 30 days.  
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