Nōmena Marketing

Strategic Naming,
Positioning &

Nōmena is a consultancy dedicated to naming and related disciplines. We can assist you with:


  • Corporate naming
  • Corporate positioning and tag line development
  • Product naming
  • Product family nomenclature systems
  • Category naming
  • Messaging platforms
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Web site development


We specialize in low-cost, rapid turn-around development of highly memorable, highly effective names, as well as supporting messaging and marketing services.


Corporate and Product Naming

The importance of a well thought out naming strategy can't be overstated.  The best company and product names function on many levels, supplying intuitive meaning and differentiation, dovetailing with product families and corporate strategies, and conveying a sense of a company's personality.  They are distinctive, memorable, ownable, and, for company names, ideally can extend to use as a URL. 

Nōmena can create the right name for your company or product.


Once you have a great name, Nōmena can help you tell the story of your product or company.  Our messaging platforms, copywriting and content development can be utilized for your website, collateral, marketing communications and social media initiatives.

Contact us at 650-464-9209 or kathryn@nomenamarketing.com.